A unique repository where PRIIPs Distributors can retrieve updated KIDs (and metadata) and performance scenarios for non-PRIIPs products.

Currently available:
220,000 KIDs of 40 Manufacturers
15,000 scenarios on non-PRIIPs products.

OpenKID is a service supported by Fairmat the Italian leading company in the creation and maintenance of KIDs.

  • Interactive access to the portal, can browse every PRIIP and be promptly notified for every KID update.
  • Retrieve KID and metadata (SRI, Target Market etc) with a REST API.
  • No cost for access to the platform. Minimal flat fee if if levels of service/assistance are needed.
  • Integration of KIDs just with generation of a repository in the format OpenKID.
  • Distributors will access to up-to-date KIDs directly from Manufacturers websites.
  • No cost for providing KIDs to the platform.
  • Generation (and periodic monitoring) of risk, performance scenarios and recommended holding period for non-PRIIPs products (as specified in Art.48 MIFID II).
  • Analyses performed using KID PRIIPs methodologies to ensure information consistency to retail Investors.
  • Delivery of information via sFTP or REST API.

OpenKID for Data Vendor

  • REST API services to retrieve KID and metadata on all available PRIIPs.
  • Single point of access to a large number of updated documents.
  • For information on fees please contact us at