OpenKID for Distributors

The portal allows Distributors to access third parties last available (and historical version) KIDs in pdf format and metadata (SRI, RHP, Target Market and costs) in European MiFID Template format.

Fairmat is a KID manufacturer service provider for more than 20 Insurance Companies (link to the company profile) operating in Italy. To retrieve Fairmat Clients updated KIDs, please contact us at

Interactive access

After a free registration, Distributors can browse into the universe of PRIIPs and get access to the following features:

  • PRIIPs search by ISIN, commercial name, issuer name, PRIIP type.
  • KIDs download.
  • Collection of favorite PRIIPs.
  • Email notifications for KID update events.

Free to use API Access

(commercial version available in case of agreed level of service are needed)

The REST API allows your distribution front-end to get updated information for every PRIIP you need to distribute in real time. The API allows you to get:

  • Direct access to the URL of the original KID in the issuer website.
  • Access to metadata in JSON format.
  • Access to KID and metadata history.
You can find here the API documentation.

To get the API access key and information on service levels and fees contact us at or call us at +39 045 8012030.